Top 5 species to plant around your pool

  1. Frangipani – A perfect poolside tree to create a luxurious poolside atmosphere. The leaves are large too and minimise issues with the pool filtration system.
  2. Viburnum suspensum – A deep green slow growing hedge, the perfect solid backdrop to any pool
  3. Star jasmine – One of the most versatile and consistent plants to use within your garden. A great poolside creeper or climber on trellis if you are short on room around your pool.
  4. Agave attenuate – A tolerant succulent plant to adding a feature element to the plant structure.
  5. Echeveria elegans – A great little detail succulent to use within an ornamentation low wok bowl or dish.
  6. Mondo grass – a hard wearing clumping plant, perfect for lower level planting structure to the planting around your pool.

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